2024: Ranking updates now available (Global Climate Debt increases by 1.4 trillion dollars in two years)

/2024/ A new version of ClimatePositions Calculation Excel is now available in the menu. Updated rankings by country are also available in the menus.

In January 2024, the Global Climate Debt (accumulated since 2000) was 7.8 Trillion dollars, which is an increase of 700 Billion dollars annually since 2022. This reflects the tragic fact that global CO2 Emissions from Fossil Fuels were 6.7% higher in 2022 than in 2020.

Other indicators used in ClimatePositions also show gloomy global trends: Biodiversity Loss, CO2 Content in the atmosphere and Global Temperature.

The table below shows the total Climate Debt for the United States, China and the EU-27. As seen, the share of the Global Climate Debt has increased for all three since 2022. China’s Climate Debt Per Capita is fast approaching that of the EU-27.

Per capita Total Climate Debt Global share Global share
Climate Debt Billion jan-24 jan-22
(World) $990 $7,824.146 100% 100%
United States $6,870 $2,289.720 29.26% 29.02%
China $1,240 $1,750.420 22.37% 21.59%
EU-27 $1,938 $867.927 11.09% 10.99%

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