About this website

About this website


The resources behind climatepositions.com are independent of economic, political and national interests. The website’s aim is to identify national climate change positions worldwide and thus expose incompetence, hypocrisy and cynicism – and uplifting achievements.

The basic philosophy is that every nationality must have the same free CO2 Emission available per capita in the future and this CO2 target tightens with increasing Global Population and CO2 Content in the atmosphere. The national free levels of annual CO2 Emission per capita are affected by the following national indicators: Ecological Footprint, Environmental Performance, Nuclear Power and Area Use (forest area and marine protected areas). Updates will be  published regularly on the website (see the update status in the submenu “Calculations (Excel)”.

The national overrun in CO2 Emissions (illustrated below) triggers a Climate Contribution to a fictional global climate fund. The price of one ton of CO2 Emissions overrun is dependent on the national GDP(ppp-$) and the global Air Temperature and Sea Level. Read more in the menu “About”.

Graphic description, pdf

You can search for specific Post Topics (categories) or Countries and Regions (tags) on the right side of the site. Information about the open calculations (Excel) in ClimatePositions coming soon.

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