Climate Debt of New Caledonia: $1547 Million ($5687 Per Capita)

/ 2022 / The Per Capita Fossil CO2 Emission diagram above is from Calculation (Excel) and is explained in the menu “About”. New Caledonia ranks 76th of 172 countries on Climate Debt Total and is responsible for 0.02% of the Global Climate Debt (ranking in the main menu). New Caledonia ranks 9th on Climate Debt Per Capita (ranking in the main menu). Biodiversity Loss is 13.0%. The Climate Debt has been reduced 0.0% by Multilateral Climate Funds (deposited).

Key figures of New Caledonia:

Climate Damage Pricing $5,687   Per Capita
Climate Damage Pricing, Total $1,546,684,066   Total
Climate Funds (Damage paid for) $0   Per Capita
Climate Funds, Total (Damage paid for) $0   Total
Climate Debt, Total $1,546,684,066   Total
Price per tons CO₂ emitted since 2000 $17.70   Per Ton
Climate Debt reduced by Funds 0%
Climate Debt as share of GDP+ 18.1%
Biodiversity Loss 13.0%

Note: New National Indicator by January 2022 is Biodiversity Loss, which replaces Ecological Footprint, Environmental Performance and Forest Cover. At the same time, the overall level of Climate Debt has been reduced to about half.

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