Equatorial Guinea: Per Capita Climate Debt $1,935 (Ranked 32) – Fossil CO2 Emissions

In 2024, Equatorial Guinea is responsible for 0.041% of the Global Climate Debt accumulated since 2000. Below are some key figures in the calculations.

Per Capita Climate Debt, Ranked 32
Climate Damage Pricing $1,935.01   Per Capita
Climate Damage Pricing, Total $3,240,969,672   Total
Climate Funds (Damage paid for) $0.00   Per Capita
Climate Funds, Total (Damage paid for) $0   Total
Climate Debt, Total $3,240,969,672   Total
Price per tons CO₂ emitted since 2000 $13.83   Per Ton
Climate Debt reduced by Funds 0.00%
Climate Debt as share of GDP+ 9.4%
Biodiversity Loss 8.4%
Climate Debt $1,935   Per Capita
Climate Debt, Total $3.241   Billion

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