Global Air Temperature since 1960

Global Air Temperature since 1960


If the increase in average global land Air Temperature in 1880-1939 is set to 0ºC, the increase in temperature in 1960-2012 is shown in the diagram. The average increase in temperature in the last decade was 1.22 ºC – this figure is included in the latest version of ClimatePositions calculations (Excel).

A hypothetical example: If the average increase in Air Temperature in the last decade had been 0.61 ºC (half) instead of 1.22 ºC, the national Climate Contributions would also be cut in half. The updated average temperature in the latest decade determines the level of accumulated national Contributions since 2000.

Data sources on global air temperature:  NOAA National Climatic Data Center (links in the menu “Calculations”).

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