Rainforest in Ecuador and global funding

Rainforest in Ecuador and global funding


Ecuador was the 68th worst performing country out of 145 in ClimatePositions 2010, but the Climate Contribution (debt) was entirely due to reductions in rainforest since 1990. The diagram shows the forest coverage in percent of the total area in 1990 (49.9%) and 2010 (35.6%). The total national Contribution (debt) was 626 million US$ in 2010.

Recently Ecuador has abandoned a conservation plan in Yasuni national park (conservation instead of drilling for oil), due to lack of international financial support. Read more in this ‘article’ in The Guardian.

A hypothetical example: If Ecuador along with the 63 Contribution Free countries and a few other countries, say Germany, Belgium, Qatar and Turkey, got together and established a global climate fund and paid their 2010 Contributions (debt), this fund would to a start hold 151 billion US$, to support climate- and environmental projects such as the one in Yasuni national park. If all the 145 countries attended and paid their 2010 Climate Contributions (debt) the global fund would hold 2,834 billion US$ to support projects worldwide.

Data sources on national forest area are from the United Nations (UN)(links in the menu “Calculations”).


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