Questions and answers (1-5)

Questions and answers (1-5)


Question 1: Are the contributions in ClimatePositions a valuation of the losses of the planet’s natural heritage?

No, the planet’s nature (biodiversity) is miraculous and priceless. ClimatePositions is a proposal to a fair financial breakdown of the unavoidable additional expenses towards sustainability and climate change actions. The level of Contributions worldwide can be changed with a single entry in the spreadsheet.

Question 2: Why don’t investments in climate and nature projects in other countries count as national payments in ClimatePositions?

When the international community provides a fair and meaningful global fund, such investments will hopefully be assessed retrospectively, and entered in ClimatePositions if approved.

Question 3: Can you trust the indicator data, which ultimately determines the size of the national Climate Contributions?

Hopefully the organizations behind the data sources are serious and critical of the available data, since the nations often have an interest in manipulating facts. Find the organizations involved (and the background material) in the submenu “Calculations/Sources & Links”.

Question 4: Is the weighting of the different indicators in ClimatePositions scientifically justified?

No, the weighting is based on a subjective estimate and the balance can be changed with a few entries in the spreadsheet.

Question 5: Represent the indicators in ClimatePositions the full range of key factors for sustainable development?

No, but if all countries were Contribution Free (for example by paying the debt) there would be a more realistic match between the quest for sustainability and the global financing.

Drawing by Claus Andersen, 2013.

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