Questions and answers (6-9)

Questions and answers (6-9)


Question 6: What can you do as a consumer?

Reductions in your consumption of fossil fuels, meat and unneeded items will contribute to limit climate change and ecological decline. Furthermore, you can buy organic (ecological) products if possible. Finally, you can prioritize products from Contribution Free countries and tend to choose products from the better performing countries in ClimatePositions (see the menu “Contributions/Per Capita US$ Rank”). Other important factors than ranking can of course influence your spending choices. Are you poor you can do very little or nothing.

Question 7: What can you do as a politician or world leader?

You can take long-term responsibility on the climate change challenges. despite possible short-term cost. In addition, you can work to establish a fair and meaningful Global Climate Change Fund, for countries to pay Climate Contributions (climate debt).

Question 8: What can you do as a voter?

You can vote for parties which until now has been working for sustainable development and a meaningful global climate agreement. Emphasize what parties and political leaders have done, not what they say they will do.

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