Serbia: Per Capita Climate Debt $971 (Ranked 50) – Fossil CO2 Emissions

In 2024, Serbia is responsible for 0.084% of the Global Climate Debt accumulated since 2000. Below are some key figures in the calculations. Note that Serbia’s Fossil CO2 Emissions has been adjusted at the source since the last calculation.

Per Capita Climate Debt, Ranked 50
Climate Damage Pricing $970.56   Per Capita
Climate Damage Pricing, Total $6,561,041,196   Total
Climate Funds (Damage paid for) $0.00   Per Capita
Climate Funds, Total (Damage paid for) $0   Total
Climate Debt, Total $6,561,041,196   Total
Price per tons CO₂ emitted since 2000 $6.88   Per Ton
Climate Debt reduced by Funds 0.0000%
Climate Debt as share of GDP+ 6.0%
Biodiversity Loss 40.2%
Climate Debt $971   Per Capita
Climate Debt, Total $6.561   Billion

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