Update 2013 of the CO2 Content in the atmosphere

Update 2013 of the CO2 Content in the atmosphere


The CO2 Content in the atmosphere measured in ppm (parts per million) is skyrocketing because of the increase in human-caused emissions. In 2012 the content was 393.82 ppm and in 2013 it was 396.48 (this updated figure is used in ClimatePositions). Some scientists estimate that 350 ppm is the “safe” limit of CO2 in the atmosphere. See the development 1960-2013 in the diagram. This is the main cause of Global Warming, Climate Change (extreme weather phenomena) and rising Sea Level.

The national Climate Contributions increase along with the CO2 Content update in ClimatePositions. Here is one example: Israel’s Climate Contribution (climate debt) increased from $1,790 per capita to $1,792. See a graphic presentation of the calculation ‘here‘.

Sources on CO2 in the atmosphere: NOAA Earth System Researth Laboratory (links in the menu “Calculations”).

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