Update: Climate Debt Ranking by country (165 countries)

Update: Climate Debt Ranking by country (165 countries)


The accumulated Climate Debt of 165 countries has been entered the menu “Climate Debt” (Rankings 2020) and the sub-menu Calculation (Excel). The coming months the climate breakdown responsibility of a large number of countries will be examined.

Climate Debt by country is calculated on the bases of the following national ‘Indicators’: Fossil CO2 Emissions (2018), Forest Cover (2015), Primary Forests (2015), Environmental Performance (2018), Ecological Footprint without Carbon (2019), Population (2018), GDP-ppp (2018), Nuclear Power (2018) and Climate Change Financing (2019).

The national Indicators are supplemented by four Global Indicators: Land/Ocean Air Temperature (2019), Sea Level (2019), CO2 in the Atmosphere (2019) and Population (2019).

The good news is that 70 countries among 165 have no Climate Debt in ClimatePositions. The bad news is that the average per capita Climate Debt worldwide, accumulated since 2000, has doubled in five years to $1,423. This catastrophe reflects two key factors: Global Fossil CO2 Emissions grew by 4.3% in 2018 compared to 2014 and Global GDP-ppp grew by 17.0% during the same period.


Links to all ‘Indicators‘ are available in the menu Calculations / Sources & Links. 
Drawing by Claus Andersen, 2020.

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