Update: GDP(ppp-$) 2015

Update: GDP(ppp-$) 2015


2015-updates of national per capita GDP(ppp-$) from ‘World Bank’ is now available in ‘Calculation (Excel)’. The world’s average per capita GDP(ppp-$) grew from $15,065 in 2014 to $15,470 in 2015 (2.7% growth). In the midst of an unprecedented man-made climate catastrophe and the ‘Sixth mass extinction’ in progress, the human economy keeps growing.

The diagram below shows the development in per capita GDP(ppp-$) 2000-2015 of the world’s five largest emitters of CO2 from Fossil Fuel and cement: China (27.0% of the global emissions), the United States (14.7%), India (7.2%), Russia (4.9%) and Japan (3.4%), in comparison with the world’s average.

Combined the five countries were responsible for 57% of the global emissions in 2014 (preliminary emissions), about 49% of the global GDP(ppp-$) and 59% of the global ‘Climate Debt’ in ClimatePositions (January 2016).



Drawing by Claus Andersen, 2016.

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